Adventures with a lost Nick Drake recording

Strange Face is the story of a lost Nick Drake recording and how the man who found it chose to share it in an extraordinary way.

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'Award winning show returns to Edinburgh and other venues in 2016'

Tree House Books Kenilworth - 27/5/16
The Old Market Hove 2/6/16
The Pleasance London 4/6/16 & 5/6/16
Proteus Theatre Basingstoke 17/6/16
Ludlow Brewery 23/6/16
Birnam Arts Dunkeld WED 20/7/16
Deer Shed Festival Topcliffe 24/7/16
Edinburgh Fringe 3-29/8/16

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Darkchat's Best Free Fringe Show at Edinburgh 2014

“Michael Burdett takes us on a road that feels full of sunshine. That is because this is ultimately an uplifting tale.”
- Fringe review

“…works in much the same way as a Nick Drake song does, pulling the audience into its own privacy, leaving them with a sadness, but also somehow soothed. It’s an oddly personal thing.”
- Time Out

“The photos are fantastic… you get a sense somehow of the personalities of the people.”
- Robert Elms BBC Radio London

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